Africa for Sale?

Positioning the State, Land and Society in Foreign Large-Scale Land Acquisitions in Africa

The past several decades have witnessed a rise in foreign and domestic investments in Africa’s arable land. While such land projects are currently the focus of widespread media and scholarly interest, the role of the state in driving, negotiating and facilitating these acquisitions deserves closer attention. This book analyzes how state land policies, stakeholder interactions and privatization schemes interact to facilitate large-scale land acquisitions. It includes a study of the various forms of state intervention, the influence of foreign agencies, governments and private entities, and a look at how states interact with local populations. The inclusion of case studies in settings throughout the African continent should attract the interest of both an academic and non-academic readership.

Mise en ligne : 13 avril 2016 | Mise à jour : 13 avril 2016 | Auteur : Philippe Lavigne Delville