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Changes in land access and governance in West Africa: markets, social mediations and public policies

Developing effective land policies in West Africa requires a thorough understanding of the issues involved and of the changes taking place on the ground. How are mechanisms to gain access to land and to natural resources evolving? Are land rights becoming more individualised and "commodified"? How is local governance of land rights being tackled? What are the intra-family and inter-generational issues raised by these changes? What are the processes to elaborate policies and interventions on land
tenure and natural resources? And what are their impacts?

This document brings together the results of the CLAIMS research project "Changes in Land Access, Institutions and Markets in West Africa", which ran from 2002 to 2005. It mobilised a network of eight research or applied research institutions.



Mise en ligne : 03 mai 2013 | Mise à jour : 03 mai 2013 | Auteur : Philippe Lavigne Delville