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Foreign and Local Elite-Led Land Acquisitions in Madagascar.

The paper begins by questioning if foreign investments in land have produced a ‘win-win’ scenario. The study, however, is not limited to the gains and losses incurred solely by investor and “host” country; instead, it deepens the analysis to examine the impacts on local populations, governments, intermediary, and investor, and discusses of the diversity of roles within these groups. We are interested in how actors have gained and lost from investments in terms of access to and control over natural resources and economic gains, and whether the national regulations have been adhered to and enforced by actors. We assume that gains and losses incurred by actors are as a result of national regulations and whether or not they are adequately adhered to and enforced.



Mise en ligne : 26 janvier 2013 | Mise à jour : 26 janvier 2013 | Auteur : Perrine Burnod