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Investments in irrigable land for large-scale agricultural production in Mali.

Moving beyond the debates that often oppose large-scale agriculture against smallholders farming, this paper analyzes policies and regulations currently implemented to manage investment and land issues in the Office du Niger area in Mali. It questions to what extend family farming and large-scale farming can coexist in this context.

First, we present the status of land investment projects in the area. Then, we analyze the role of the government in promoting investments and in regulating them. In the following section, we analyze the social opposition to these projects. The last section discusses the impact on family farming and the unequal competition between large companies and. In conclusion, the paper emphasizes the sharp contrast between the low results of large-scale farming and the effectiveness of family farming.



Mise en ligne : 26 janvier 2013 | Mise à jour : 26 janvier 2013 | Auteur : Perrine Burnod